Monday, December 16, 2013

Ludum Dare 28 - Post Mortem

Ludum Dare's done. It was an incredible learning experience. As with any such an enterprise, there's things that went well and things that ... could have gone better.

One of the things that went well is that I've actually entered a game in the competition.That's an improvement over last time. Also, I've learned a lot about modeling and animating in Blender and putting those animations to use in Unity. I've also seen there's a lot to learn still..

Things that completely went to hell: Collision Detection. The way I had planned the axe to work completely failed. Eventually, I had to hand-code something approximating this functionality and it took a great chunk of my time. Worst part is, I have no idea what went wrong, I'll be asking questions about this on the Unity boards later this week...
Another incident that took more time than expected, was the model for the main character. With the original model, something went horribly wrong with the coupling of the armature to the model and the guy looked like he really did come out of a blender. Although costly in hours, at least I know what went wrong here and was able to compensate / simplify. Who needs knees anyway?

And that left me out of time just as I was getting going. There would have been just enough time for some rudimentary Sound FX, when my state machine decided to take a leave of its senses. So the last three hours of the compo were spent repairing the Splash-, Options-, Death- and End screens and displaying the one level all in the correct order. Who needs Sound FX anyway.

That brings me to a final point, one for the 'good job' list. Although I wasn't able to implement everything I wanted to do (about 90% of what I wanted to do, but who's counting?) I believe I still managed to implement the core of my idea. You Only Get To Save One. The first few hours of the compo were spent mulling over the theme (' "You Only Get One"? What is this sh ...'), cultivating my idea ('Hmm, that sounds like fun.'), separating the Nice-To-Haves from the Must-Haves and then building the latter. I didn't get to do more than one level, I didn't get to do more environments, I didn't get to do the choice in weapon, charm, skill and tattoo (choose one of each), and I didn't get to do the boss battle. Still, there's a dungeon crawlin' hack-and-slash with a tough, theme-fueled choice at the end. Hooray!

  • I made a game!
  • First time making and importing animations
  • Unity3D Particle Effects
  • The design allowed me to scope down
  • Collision Detection
  • Redoing my models 'cause Blender ate em
  • The sudden death of my state machine
  • No SFX (was really looking forward to this)

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